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Led by Cindy Fredrick, Engagement & Annual Giving Team programs – UVaClubs, Lifetime Learning, Cavalier Travels, Digital Engagement – sponsor over 1,400 events and activities each year throughout the world, including: prospective student and admission outreach; faculty lectures and faculty stewardship; educational and cultural enrichment; experiential learning through short and long term trips; social and networking opportunities, spectator events for U.Va and professional sports; organized U.Va. recreational leagues; and volunteer service.


While our primary stakeholders are alumni and parents, we also view professionals across Grounds as an important stakeholder group who share the same mission of strengthening relationships and increasing alumni and parent participation. To meet the needs of these stakeholders, the Office of Engagement sponsors the Engagement Community, a network of nearly 500 professionals from all schools and units who learn from each other through meetings, tours, niche community discussions, webinars and innovative R&D pilots.


Created in 2005 as a result of the Alumni Relations Task Force, the Office of Engagement is a department of Development and Public Affairs and works in partnership with the Alumni Association, schools and units to deliver high quality, comprehensive and diverse alumni and parent engagement programming.